2024 International Conference on Image Processing, Intelligent Control and Computer Engineering(IPICE 2024)
Call For Papers
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Call For Papers

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

◕ Image processing

Computer vision 

Feature extraction 

Image acquisition technology 

Image analysis 

Virtual reality 

Augmented reality 

Deep learning 

Intelligent sensor 

Face recognition 

Image acquisition 

Computational imaging 

Image segmentation 

Noise Control 

Signal processing 

Image security and privacy protection

Other relate topic...

◕ Intelligent control

Visual tracking and positioning 

Fault detection and diagnosis 

Control algorithm 

Adaptive control 

Optimal control 

Decision system 

Robust control 

Fuzzy control 

Target detection 

System modeling 

Control system 

Pattern recognition and analysis 

Expert system

Other relate topic...

◕ Computer Engineering


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Network and Communication

Software and Development

Computer network

Computer graphics

Data mining

Mobile computing

Computer modeling

CNC programming

Network security and privacy

Other relate topic...